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The Repair Capabilities of The BOSTON SPORTSCAR Company

            The BOSTON SPORTSCAR Company is fully-equipped to repair and service your Ferrari automobile.  Our repair capabilities include: 

  • All scheduled maintenances, including 15,000 and 30,000 mile services on all 6, 8 and 12 cylinder models

  • Complete engine, clutch and gearbox overhauls

  • OBD-II monitoring and scanning capabilities

  • Complete, in-house alignments

  • Complete Bosch and Marelli fuel injection service, as well as multiple carburetion on pre-1980 models

  • Electrical system diagnosis and repairs 

  • Suspension repairs and wheel re-finishing 

  • Air conditioning diagnosis and repairs for both R-12 and 134a systems 

  • In-house tire replacement, mounting and balancing 

512 TR Service


            Precision repairs require quality equipment.  The cornerstone of our business philosophy is to have the best-equipped Ferrari workshop possible, and we have fully-equipped The BOSTON SPORTSCAR Company with that goal in mind.  Our service equipment includes: 

  • Complete engine diagnosis equipment.   We have full OBD-II monitoring and scanning capabilities necessary to properly repair and diagnose newer Ferraris 

  • The Snap-on Counselor II Digital Oscilloscope 

  • The Snap-on MT 3505 Emission Analyzer  

  • The Hunter 311 Alignment Machine 

  • Complete tire mounting and balancing equipment, including the Hunter DSP 9000 Wheel Balancer and the TC 350 Tire Changer  

  • The Snap-on Dual 3412 Air Conditioning Machine for diagnosis and repair of both R-12 and 134a systems 

  • Mercury columns, essential for proper engine set-up of the older 12-cylinder Ferraris and most recent 8 cylinder models       






Mercury Columns



            In addition, the BOSTON SPORTSCAR Company is an Authorized Dealer for Tubi Style Exhaust Systems, Pennzoil Lubricants and Interstate Batteries

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